Marketing & Lead Generation Agency

Telvanni Agency is a group of Facebook & Instagram Ads Experts with a proven track on running campaigns with amazing results and a high return of investments for our clients in the USA & UK.

Our team has already helped plenty of clients to eliminate the arduous and time-consuming task of finding highly motivated clients for their businesses - all thanks to our tested and proven Facebook & Instagram Ads campaigns that bring quality appointments & leads, keeping calendars of our clients booked.

With us, you can focus on providing services, rather than worry over where the next clients are going to come from.

We specialize in campaigns up to $50k+ in monthly ads spend and we can work with a variety of sectors – realtors (most dominant niche for us), HR agencies, solar companies, hair & beauty salons, med spas, dental practices, HVAC, chiropractors, home services, and many others…

Our mission is to help your business to reach motivated people within your city who (ideally) will want to become long-term clients. Plus our campaigns will help tremendously with your branding and exposure in the area as more people will see your FB page and Instagram profile.

Grow your real estate business with us and bring CONSTANT buyers and sellers straight through your door.

Why Ads?


Frank J.

Tattoo Salon Manager

Using them for over 14 months, before they even got a website and operated only via email. I definitely recommend! Ads are king, and I am only sorry that I was so skeptical before really understanding how they work (since I don’t have time to play with everything on social media). Now we’re getting more bookings, and opening the 2nd salon, as good reviews arrive every month, which helps with outreach even more!

lauren h.

beauty salon owner

Our ads are crucial to booking more clients. Previously we’ve used word of the mouth and referrals from our current clients – and that still works well, but with ads we were able to literally book every slot for our services 2 months up-front, which also made us realize that with such interest in our services we can raise our prices & still keep calendars full. That’s why I accepted partnership and will continue in the future without a doubt

Andrew G.

Shopify Ecommerce Store Owner

I have a new Shopify store and I’ve put A LOT of money into creating it. I’ve also tried to make my own Facebook ads but after wasting over $1000 on testing and getting like only 3 sales I just gave up. Telvanni Agency helped me during the call with understanding what went wrong and told me how to fix that. I’ve booked with them for a test month and made them manage my ads  – and should have started with that since I’ve got over x39 ROI on the money I’ve spent on ads now. Definitely recommend!

eric k.


They blew me away! Right now I’m working with a guy who’s going to buy a $300-400K house cash and we’re getting ready to go out and see some properties together. 1 couple came pre-approved and not working with any real estate agent, 2 couples are getting pre-approved with my lender right now… it’s just a laundry list!

Anna T.


Getting clients as a freelance photographer can be sometimes a nightmare. I’m glad I was contacted. Very friendly team, understanding your problems and lack of time and actually trying to find good ideas to meet your needs. I didn’t feel like I was pressured to do anything. I admit – I was doubtful about any paid ads since I was not getting many clients anyways, but I would lie if I’d say I’m sorry for trusting them. My phone is on fire since we’ve started working together, and I’ve booked several weddings and smaller sessions as well. I also feel less stressed because now I can focus on the service rather than constantly worry about if I’m going to make ends meet, since I know I have the help I need.

Mark G.

Car Mechanic Services

Try to compete locally with someone who has over 400 reviews, when you have like 16 –  I would be stupid to not see the problem here, and I was looking for help with that for quite a long time. Unfortunately, I was previously scammed with someone else, so I was very careful here. I’m more than glad though with our work now, they are very responsive (I even got a reply on weekend), give me updates every 2 weeks with details. Overall it feels like they actually try to help you, not just take your money and run. Didn’t have any problems so far (been using this service for 5 months). They also manage profiles for me, as I simply do not have time for that, so not planning to change anything soon. 

Although we specialize in ads campaigns we also help our clients with social media management. We know very well that keeping up with social media posting might be a mundane and tiresome task for plenty of companies, especially smaller ones where there is simply not enough time to keep everything "fresh".

We can give you a full-time experienced Social Media Manager at your disposal, skilled in copywriting and graphic design. SMM will take care of your social media profiles, making sure your social feed is always up to date, and so every potential customer coming to your pages will see that company is active and professional.

Our specialists can additionally reply to comments on your pages, thus create organic engagement, share your posts in Facebook groups, follow up on messages with your sales specialists - and much more. All depending on the business type.

Let us help you with Social Media Management. Write us an email today.


Book a free consultation via the form below. Once you are done, we will reply within 24 hours. For our initial consultation we will discuss what you are looking to do, your budget, initial marketing plans you can execute & lastly the next steps.


Book a free consultation via the form below. Once you are done, we will reply within 24 hours. For our initial consultation we will discuss what you are looking to do, your budget, initial marketing plans you can execute & lastly the next steps.