Helping Businesses Grow Big Through Paid Advertising And Social Media Management

We are Facebook & Instagram Ads Experts with a proven track on running campaigns with amazing results and a high return of investments for our clients.

Our team has already helped plenty of clients to eliminate the arduous and time-consuming task of finding highly motivated clients for their businesses - all thanks to our tested and proven Facebook & Instagram Ads campaigns that bring quality appointments & leads, keeping calendars of our clients booked.

With us, you can focus on providing services, rather than worry over where the next clients are going to come from.

We specialize in campaigns ranging from $500 to $50k+ in monthly ads spend and we can work with a variety of sectors – realtors, HR agencies, solar companies, hair & beauty salons, med spas, dental practices, HVAC, chiropractors, home services, and many others…

Our mission is to help your business to reach motivated people within your city who will want to become long-term clients. Plus our campaigns will help tremendously with your branding and exposure in the area as more people will see your FB page and Instagram profile.

We also help with social media management. We know very well that keeping up with social media posting might be a mundane and tiresome task for plenty of companies, especially smaller ones where there is simply not enough time to keep everything "fresh".

We can give you a full-time experienced Social Media Manager at your disposal, skilled in copywriting and graphic design. SMM will take care of your social media profiles, making sure your social feed is ALWAYS up to date, and so every potential customer coming to your pages will see that company is active and professional.

Our specialists can additionally reply to comments on your pages, thus creating organic engagement, share your posts in Facebook groups, follow up on certain messages with your sales specialists - and much more. All depending on the business type.

So instead of hiring another in-house employee, filling all that monthly paperwork, overpaying, and also keeping an eye on them and training them - let us do the very same Social Media Management job for a fraction of the price. Schedule a free discovery call with us today! 

Eric Kucharik

Realty ONE Group

They blew me away. Right now I’m working with a guy who’s going to buy a $300-400K house cash and we’re getting ready to go out and see some properties together. 1 couple came pre-approved and not working with an agent, 2 couples are getting pre-approved with my lender now… it’s just a laundry list!

Shanu Srivastava

Samson Properties

Out of 50 leads, several appeared interested and looking at a deal or two… Telvanni Agency did such a great job, very professional – their service is tremendous.

Grow your business with us and bring CONSTANT results, and new clients straight through your door.

4400% ROI. $400 in Adspend that gave 3 transactions and $18k in commissions in return.

9471% ROI. Launched campaign at the break of the COVID-19. $397 in ad spend. $38,000 in net commissions


We specialize in paid ads on Facebook and Instagram + Social Media Management since those platforms are the most cost-effective method of advertising for the majority of businesses. We’ve run hundreds of campaigns and will continue to do so. We do not provide any other services.


We can work with pretty much every kind of business, except eCommerce and any type of business we deem fraudulent. We accept only genuine business owners, who earn their living by providing quality service.

3. What will I learn during a free consultation?

During a free consultation (either via email, phone call, or a Zoom meeting) we will assess your current marketing strategy, social media presence, budget and present you with a customized quote.  

4. What fees are involved? How much do you charge?

Our agency charges a retainer – that is the monthly fee for our work. We calculate such based on how much work you need from us and how big your business is. If you are not in a position to invest in your business at least $1000/$1500 per month – we might be not the best choice for you. Additionally, you need to remember about having the budget for Ads (you decide about how much you can spend here).

5. How do you run ads? what do you need from me?

We’ll ask you to add us to your Facebook page and Instagram profile as advertisers. This way we will be able to run ads directly through your own pages, thus bringing you more exposure. We will guide you on how to do that.

6. How long are contracts? are there trials?

We offer a 1-month test trial of our services.  After the trial, the minimum length of the contract is 3 months. You can also skip the trial and go straight with the long-term contract.

7. do you give guarantees?

Yes, we do. You need to remember though that giving you a guarantee means more operational risk for us, thus we will also charge you a higher monthly retainer than in the campaign without guarantees.